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Black Progress Matters

Sponsorship Program

BPM effectuates change at the executive level by providing best-in-class Black executive staffing solutions, along with a variety of additional programs. 

Our BPM Sponsorship Program also provides critical BPM Public Relations support, as well as participation in Black-owned Business Incubator and Black Scholar Advancement.  Our BPM Sponsorship Program is an annually renewable collaborative sponsorship of $250,000 per year.  Here’s how your entire sponsorship funding will be deployed.


  • $50k for the Public Relations services of BPM which will strategically and advantageously promote your participation in the BPM mission [along with the full participation of our BPM Executives for internal and public appearances, as well as full access to our BPM Design Team].

  • $50k Direct Investment to our BPM Black-Owned Business Incubator.

  • $50k development funding of our Black Progress Resources.

  • $30k funding of our BPM College Advisory Program for 4 Black scholars.

  • $20k funding of our Walker Sports Audit NIL Review for 4 scholar-athletes.

  • $50k for program administration, promotion, and contribution to overhead.

  • 20% Discount on Black Progress Executive Staffing’s 25% contingency-fee with full access to our BPM Black Executive Talent Pool.  Our BPM Sponsorship Program provides for a substantial discount on BPM Staffing’s 25% contingency fulfillment fee [reducing the fee to 20% on all placements made during the duration of the program], as well as eliminating the $5k prepayment fee on each job opening.


Nearly every large organization in America lacks representative Black executives and, accordingly, is in critical need of our instant impact BPM Sponsorship Program.


While socially responsible organizations are trying to address their racial bias issues - in spite of their thoughtful rhetoric - they still don't have anything that effectively creates immediate impact like our BPM Sponsorship Program.


– Katherine Ragusa, BPM Founding Partner

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