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Technology: Streamlining Supplier Diversity with PARS™

Black Progress Alliance offers a comprehensive solution for fulfilling small business program requirements and supplier diversity promises through its proprietary vetting process, including a Performance Assessment Rating System (PARS™). This allows for predictive and prescriptive matchmaking based on scores in four key areas: technical ability, teaming capabilities, government suitability, and past performance.

Using the PARS™ method, Black Progress Alliance ensures that qualified suppliers meet the minimum requirements for

  • experience,

  • size,

  • financial stability,

  • technical capability,

  • & other factors required by participating public and private sector organizations.

This technical assistance provided by Black Progress Alliance helps participating Black-owned businesses increase their capabilities and capacities to compete for business opportunities successfully.

In addition to PARS™, Black Progress Alliance provides full-service program management, including automating the day-to-day management of small business participation programs, recruiting subcontractors, and negotiating and managing subcontractor agreements. This ensures consistent compliance and increases successful performance, ultimately reducing procurement costs and freeing up human resources while reducing risk.

Streamline your supplier diversity efforts. Contact today.

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