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Self-Love: CeCe Olisa Teaches Body Positivity to Young Girls

This week we are also thrilled to share the exciting news about CeCe Olisa's recent body positivity event with the Brooklyn Nets. CeCe, the founder of Cocoa by CeCe and well-known body positive activist, teamed up with the Brooklyn Nets to spread the message of self-love and body acceptance to young girls in the Brooklyn community.

The event, which was held at the Barclays Center, was attended by over 200 young girls. CeCe shared her personal journey of self-discovery and body positivity, inspiring the girls to embrace their unique bodies and love themselves just as they are. The Brooklyn Nets also played a role by leading fun, interactive activities that encouraged the girls to think positively about their bodies and express themselves creatively through dance and movement.

The atmosphere was lively and filled with positive energy, leaving the girls feeling empowered and confident. CeCe and the Brooklyn Nets' efforts to promote body positivity and make a positive impact in the lives of young girls is truly inspiring.

Stay tuned for more updates from CeCe and be sure to follow her journey on and

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