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In the News: The State of Diversity in the C-suite

The Harvard Law School Forum recently posted an eye-opening analysis on the lack of representation and equity in the C-suite of Corporate America. In their analysis of 1,583 executives at the 100 largest companies in the S&P500, several significant findings highlight the barriers that underrepresented groups face in ascending to the top ranks of leadership. Here are the top five takeaways from the analysis:

  1. C-suites in Corporate America are still disproportionately white and male.

  2. The lack of equity at the top isn’t due to a pipeline problem. The US workforce is diverse, yet a lack of equity in assessing, developing, and promoting talent is undermining representation at the C-suite level.

  3. Bias in the assessment and development of underrepresented groups limits the progression opportunities for high-potential talent.

  4. Underrepresented groups cluster in functional roles that usually aren’t steps on the road to CEO roles.

  5. Unconscious bias training in recruitment has become common, and succession planning needs to follow suit.

Acting on these insights is crucial to building a diverse and sustainable pipeline of C-suite leaders. Black Progress Executive Staffing can help organizations achieve this goal by providing access to executive-level Black talent across various industries. We seek to work with organizations to recruit and hire top Black talent and to help build and drive a diverse and sustainable pipeline of C-suite leaders through our Black Progress Executive Staffing network.

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