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In the News: Organizations Fail to Keep Diversity Promises

Diversity in leadership is a crucial component of any successful business strategy, but progress toward achieving these goals in corporate America has been appallingly slow and uneven, as reported by major news outlets in 2023. Despite growing awareness of the importance of including more Black executives, McKinsey says that only 4% of top executive positions in corporate America are held by Black individuals, indicating a lack of progress.

On the other hand, the CNBC report shows that appointing a Black CEO can positively impact a company's market value, with companies experiencing an average increase in market cap of 3.1%. This highlights the importance of promoting diversity and inclusion in corporate America, as diverse leadership can lead to better business outcomes.

These articles reveal that progress toward achieving true diversity in leadership in corporate America is still slow and uneven, with white men continuing to dominate top positions and Black women being particularly underrepresented in executive roles. While Forbes reported a "record number" of Black CEOs appointed to run S&P 500 companies, this number is still far too low.

The ongoing USA Today investigation into federal contractors' diversity pledges reveals that many companies have failed to keep their promises, highlighting the need for greater accountability and transparency regarding advancing Black leadership. Companies must be more proactive, specifically at the executive level, to make meaningful progress.

Only by taking proactive and immediate action can we change the color of the executive suite. We call on all organizations mentioned in these articles and worldwide to help us achieve this goal.

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