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BPM Incubator: UnBiasIt at Legalweek 2023: Tackling Responsible AI

UnBiasIt, developed in partnership with our BPM Black-Owned Business Incubator, presented alongside their teaming partners at PremCloud at Legalweek 2023 held at the Hilton in NYC earlier this month. The conference brought together legal professionals and technology experts to explore the latest trends in legal technology and the impact of AI on the industry.

One of the key themes in the keynote address was about Responsible AI being the next compliance regulatory theme and challenge for the next decade. As AI becomes more ubiquitous, the need for responsible and ethical AI practices becomes increasingly important. The keynote address highlighted the potential risks associated with AI, such as biased decision-making and lack of transparency, and emphasized the need for legal professionals to work together with technology experts to create responsible and compliant AI systems.

At UnBiasIt, we understand the importance of promoting responsible AI practices and are committed to offering industry-leading solutions to address this challenge. Our UnBiasIt Data Stack directly speaks to this challenge by offering a comprehensive solution that enables organizations to manage and monitor their AI models in a responsible and compliant manner. With our solution, organizations can ensure that their AI models are transparent, fair, and unbiased, while also meeting legal and regulatory requirements.

As we continue to enhance our UnBiasIt offerings, we remain committed to developing innovative solutions that enable organizations to harness the power of AI in a responsible and ethical manner. Read the full blog article on

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