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BPM Incubated Business: Unleash the Power of the UnBiasIt Data Stack 🚀

The Problem We Solve In today's data-driven world, organizations face the challenge of managing vast amounts of data from diverse sources, both internal and external. This often leads to unrecognized bias, compliance issues, and inefficiencies in data utilization. UnBiasIt aims to solve these problems by providing a comprehensive data management solution that not only exposes and eliminates bias in your data but also ensures your data is effectively managed, governed, and utilized.

Key Components of UnBiasIt Data Stack:

  • UnBiasIt Bias-Free Writing App: UnBiasIt's AI-powered Writing App helps eliminate communication bias in real time, identifying and suggesting alternative phrasing while highlighting subtle and unconscious bias.

  • UnBiasIt Data Connect: Our data interoperability module seamlessly integrates all your corporate data using a modular framework, allowing better accessibility and visibility to data siloed across different platforms, storage infrastructure, and enterprise applications.

  • UnBiasIt Ai Data Detect: Equipped with a powerful analytics engine and scalable architecture, ai Data Detect offers deep insights into your entire data estate, improving data quality by identifying inconsistencies, inaccuracies, and redundancies.

  • UnBiasIt Bias Alert: Our comprehensive monitoring tool that efficiently detects bias or misconduct within your organization's data estate throughout its entire lifecycle. Compatible with over 150 languages and designed to function seamlessly across each component of the stack, UnBiasIt Bias Alert empowers you to minimize and eradicate bias from your data sets and communications.

  • UnBiasIt Advanced Archive: A compliant platform for preserving regulated data, Advanced Archive deploys to any infrastructure or cloud, providing end-users with access and search tools, advanced e-discovery, and enabling immediate action on data.

UnBiasIt Data Lifecycle Management By addressing data bias at every stage of the process, from data creation to data destruction, UnBiasIt ensures your organization achieves proactive data quality and remains compliant with industry standards and regulations.

Our cutting-edge technology provides your organization with a unified and bias-free data source that can be accessed and utilized efficiently. Unlock the true potential of your data by managing it effectively with UnBiasIt.

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