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BPM College Advisory Program: Supporting High School Black Scholars

The 5 Core-Steps of the BPM CAP Program

BPM CAP Scholars are assigned a BPM Coach to work through our proprietary process to support their collegiate success and mentor them during this transitional time.

  1. Discovery: The nucleus of our program. Here Scholars’ engage in our proprietary system of Conative Assessments and future-thinking exercises to ensure their understanding of themselves, their unique abilities, and their goals.

  2. Strategies: Scholars are presented with their personalized strategies packets with individually matched career focuses, college majors, and university menus.

  3. Solutions: Coach and Scholars working together to create application solutions to gain admission to their right-fit colleges.

  4. Plan Launch: Once admissions decisions come back, Scholars and their Coaches examine all of their options to arrive at the right-fit decision.

  5. Black Progress Finance Connoisseur [BPFC]: Financial Aid and Scholarship strategies and implementation, including all form filling and scholarship appeals to ensure our Scholars’ maximize their financial offers.

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