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BPM College Advisory Program: Developing the Black Leaders of Tomorrow

The BPM College Advisory Program Mission

Experts argue that high school counselors too often overlook the needs of Black students. With proper mentorship, we believe that Black scholars not only find the financial resources they are entitled to pay for their college decisions, but they are also able to find purpose and direction amid the most significant intersection of their lives.

BPM CAP recognizes the opportunities that come from a student’s confidence in their education and environment. By mentoring students through our proprietary college admissions process and matching them with right-fit career paths, college majors, and university options, our scholars are graduating in four years, with little to no debt, ready to become difference makers for their future employers.

Our mission is simple: To match these more than deserving scholars with scholarships to enable them with this process, guidance, and mentorship and, eventually, become the change in the executive suite.

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