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BP Executive Staffing: McGraw Hill Embraces the BPM Mission

BPM is fortunate that nearly every organization we have contacted has provided us with their enthusiastic support. And this week, we’re thrilled to announce that McGraw Hill has committed to working with Black Progress Matters to advance Black leadership at the executive level throughout their organization.

Many organizations are willing to adapt, but very few are ready to lead. McGraw Hill demonstrates its commitment to advancing Black leadership at the executive level by embracing the Black Progress Matters mission.

For over 130 years, McGraw Hill has never stopped innovating to meet the ever-changing needs of educators and learners. With a rich history of helping people learn, McGraw Hill is committed to opening doors of opportunity for all learners so they can develop the skills and confidence needed to unlock their potential and reach their goals. McGraw Hill is more relevant than ever in today’s rapidly changing world. Their mission is as vital as ever: empowering educators and learners to achieve more. And they will continue to work tirelessly to deliver on that promise.

We are excited to begin our partnership with McGraw Hill, as each new partnership we forge is critical in furthering our mission to advance Black leadership in organizations worldwide. Learn more about our remarkable Executive Black Talent Contingency-Fee Staffing Service.

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