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Black Progress Alliance: The Total Solution Stack for Black-Owned Businesses

Black Progress Alliance is committed to creating a total solution for Black-owned business program management by providing a range of support services to help Black-owned businesses compete for and win public and private sector contracts.

BP Alliance CEO and Founding Partner Linda Chatmon has over 30 years of experience successfully assisting businesses to develop the capacities and capabilities needed to participate in the procurement process.

The BP Alliance strategy begins with identifying, vetting, and training a diverse supply chain with a focus on Black-owned businesses. BP Alliance will utilize Linda Chatmon’s proprietary rating system, PARS™, to reduce risk and ensure performance and compliance for Black-owned business participation goals.

In addition to expanding the pool of qualified firms, our strategy's critical element is creating more awareness of the benefits of partnering with Black-owned businesses. Through Black Progress Alliances' network of strategic relationships, we will help connect Black-owned businesses with corporate and government partners that can help them grow their businesses. Our ultimate goal is to create generational success and wealth opportunities for Black-owned businesses.

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