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Black Progress Alliance: Supplier Diversity Made Simple

Many organizations have made commitments to increase their supplier diversity efforts. However, larger companies' standard procedures for entering into contracts with smaller service providers and vendors often create onerous hurdles for smaller businesses. The terms within master service agreements (MSAs) can be unrealistic or even punitive, causing smaller businesses to walk away from deals with larger firms. In fact, a recent study found that 64 percent of small business leaders surveyed reported that MSAs are drafted with only the needs of big companies in mind.

Fortunately, Black Progress Alliance offers a comprehensive approach to help small businesses fulfill small business program requirements and supplier diversity promises for public and private partnerships. Their experienced team thoroughly vets potential subcontractors and teaming partners to ensure that they have the skills and experience necessary for successful performance. This approach saves its clients valuable time and resources while ensuring they have the right partners to achieve their goals.

In addition, Black Progress Alliance assists prime contractors in developing an efficient strategy for managing small business participation programs. This is critical for meeting supplier diversity goals, as it ensures that prime contractors can effectively manage relationships with small businesses and provide the necessary support to help them thrive. Furthermore, Founder Linda Chatmon has also developed proprietary PARS technology to aid in this process.

Streamline your supplier diversity efforts. Contact today.

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