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2022 in Review: Leading Organizations Embrace the BPM Mission

Black Progress Matters believes that in any organization, if you look to the top at the executive level and see a person of color, it will inspire everyone of color in that organization. It speaks volumes about the character and true opportunity available in that organization—and this is what Black Progress Matters is dedicated to providing.

BPM is fortunate that nearly every organization we have contacted has provided us with enthusiastic support. BPM partnered with the above leading organizations and more in 2022 to change the color of the executive suite … and more organizations are participating daily in the BPM Mission.

Our BPX Executive Black Talent Contingency-Fee Staffing Service enables organizations like these to achieve their staffing goals with an intentional focus on providing exceptional Black candidates to the pool from which to select from. We’re looking forward to seeing the positive impact these partnerships have on the advancement of Black leadership throughout all industries, and to adding more proactive clients to our lineup of premier accounts in 2023.

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