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BPR Advisor Membership

Develop and Maximize Your Network

Advance your access to executive-level opportunities.

BPR Advisor Membership provides Black professionals with remarkable access to:

  1. An international membership network of Black executives

  2. Executive level job opportunities worldwide

  3. ​Elite network training and resources

  4. Myriad of BPR revenue-building opportunities

Key to our BPR Advisor Membership mission is providing all of our members with the best practices and tactical insights to develop and maximize their networking skills and advance their access to executive-level opportunities.

“Research shows that 70% of all jobs are not published publicly on jobs sites and as much as 80% of jobs are filled through personal and professional connections.  In a dramatically shifting labor market, the importance of networks in having a successful career only stands to grow.“ – CNBC

Through BPR Advisor Membership speaking engagements, online resources, and various teaming partnerships, BPR Advisor Membership will help Black professionals establish a sustainable ecosystem for the ongoing advancement of their careers and entrepreneurial ambitions.

Networking can increase your social well-being and help you develop lifelong friends. You might be focused on the professional aspect of networking. However, many friendships have started in the workplace or at professional functions.

BPR Advisor Membership will offer essential networking events, resources, services, and support enabling Black candidates and Black-owned businesses to successfully navigate the business and hiring landscape.

BPR Advisor Membership‘s essential networking resources will include:

→  Networking Events
→  Speaking Engagements
→  Coaching Networking Sessions
→  Personal Brand Building Services
→  Round Table Discussions

BPR Advisor Membership creates opportunities and provides resources to help Black professionals to connect and build relationships, and so much of this begins with the individual understanding their strengths.


Additionally, by providing members with instant access and exposure to Black Progress Resources founders, advisors, teaming partners, and international resources, BPR Advisor Membership seeks to empower our members to help Black Progress Resources in its efforts to change the color of the executive and ownership suite worldwide.

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